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Rewards Scheme

  1. Any daves Client of eighteen years and over is entitled to apply for a daves REWARD CARD.
  2. Upon registering for daves REWARD CARD you will be asked to appropriately notify us (by ticking a box on the application form), should you wish not to receive any marketing information from EUSTON CO.LTD. Marketing information may be physical, printed, and electronic as well as in form of SMS.
  3. All data gathered when registering for the CARD will be solely used by EUSTON Co. Ltd in full adherence to the data protection act.
  4. Only one card is allowed per customer; and daves reserves the right to ask for identification when card is used.
  5. daves REWARD CARD can be used in any daves outlet around Malta.
  6. Currently the daves REWARD CARD awards you with 1 REWARD POINT for every €1 spent at daves.
  7. Card Holder must present daves REWARD CARD at Cash Point in order to earn points.
  8. Points accumulated are not transferrable from one card to another.
  9. Maximum Points allowed on a single card is 120,000. Upon reaching such amount, Card holder must redeem points either entirely or in part.
  10. The Current Rate of Redemption is €5 for 600 REWARD POINTS and identification may be asked upon request to redeem points.
  11. Card holder is solely responsible for daves REWARD CARD, and must notify daves immediately should card be lost or stolen.
  12. Points accumulated cannot be redeemed for anything else expect as stipulated in clause 10.
  13. Reward Points can be accumulated and redeemed at any daves Outlet or online through
  14. daves REWARD Card remains the property of daves who reserves the right to withdraw, decline or issue new card without notice.
  15. Points are valid for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days from date of earning, after such date the bearer will lose all points accumulated during the lapsed one hundred twenty (120) day period.
  16. daves reserves the right to annul daves REWARD CARD Scheme at any time, giving two months notice to card holders to redeem the points. All points amassed in cards that have not been redeemed within the three-month notice period will be zeroed and hence bearer will lose any right of claim.
  17. It is the sole responsibility of the card holder to keep abreast of any amendments done to the scheme itself or to the terms and conditions.
  18. Euston Co. Ltd, daves and any subsidiary Companies cannot be held liable for any damages caused directly or indirectly by enrolling in this scheme