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Summer Salad

Posted On: October 24, 2023

Summer Salad

Balancing sweet & sour, creating textures for your mouth to indulge in and savouring the flavour of summer is exactly what happens with this dish. 


Our new friends over at the ‘Seasoned Food Truck’ fuse international cuisine with local flavours in a mouth-watering taste explosion and have shared this dish, so you can experience all of this at home for yourself. 


Ingredients (serves 4) :

800g tomatoes

600g cucumber

200g sweet corn

100g capers

40g rucola 

400g chickpeas

100g pickled vegetables

200g feta cheese

50g Sunflower Seeds

Fresh mint leaves

80ml Extra virgin Olive oil



Cut tomatoes and cucumbers in big chunks.

Mix with sweet corn, capers, chickpeas and pickled vegetables. 

Divide in 4 serving bowls. Top with crumbled feta cheese, sunflower seeds & mint leaves.

Dress each plate with extra virgin olive oil.