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November 2023

Posted On: November 9, 2023

November 2023

Bongu Malta!


Seems we’ve been able to enjoy a bit of an extended summer this year and I do hope you’ve capitalised on the sunny days throughout our beautiful island with the amazing beaches, restaurants, nightlife and so many other incredible offerings! 

Just recently, I was sitting at my favourite coffee shop around the corner from the office and I watched the people passing, greeting and speaking and I fell in love all over with this culture, it’s people and ‘our way of life’. Mela, we certainly do have our own manner, and whilst we may be a renowned tourist destination, I realised that we do somehow remain true to ourselves despite so much international influence. Which, makes me incredibly proud. 

This brings me squarely on to the point of this month. The kids. They are our future, and pride, and joy. As we head into Christmas you’ll see many exciting retail developments. Naturally, the lights go up, the events happen all round and obviously there’s the family gatherings. At the centre of all this, the focus inevitably being the kids. I myself share wonderful times with mine (and of course my favourite granddaughter) and cherish these times deeply.

Hence the reason for much of our business thinking in this regard when it comes to who we care about. You!

One such example is our own private label. daves Foods was developed specifically with families in mind. Not only does it provide us the opportunity to remain focussed on sourcing locally, offer employment opportunities, give you greater variety and include products that are very high quality, but ultimately, we can contain prices so you can enjoy more with your family. I consider this brand much like my own child and within our stores I find immense pride in offering our customers the very best. From sweets to re-sealable wraps and an incredible pizza selection along with many other great products, me and my family enjoy the entire range…

We urge you to give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Have a great month.

daves Cares about you!