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October 2023

Posted On: November 9, 2023

October 2023

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in several industries throughout my career. 

It is however in retail that I find my true calling. I get a thrill from the sheer excitement it offers, the people involved in it, the negotiating prowess it demands and the satisfaction it brings when you see happy customers. 

Over time it has changed though. Things have become increasingly hurried, significantly more driven around convenience as well as cost and our audience has matured with an array of international and dare, I say very competitive offerings. This changes the landscape for retail in an environment like Malta and more so the manner consumers behave and ultimately how we as providers respond to meet their needs.

With that in mind, it is becoming more evident that the efficiency, savings, convenience, and quality expected from daves needs to be unparalleled, in order to compete in a market that is rightfully and exceptionally demanding of the very best products and produce. 

Furthermore, the ease that online shopping now offers, especially for monthly requirements, the savings it provides and the efficiency of 

not having to carry bags around in the heat…or cold for that matter, along with the ability to budget effectively as a family is now more highlighted than ever before. Not to mention the time incurred when seeking par  g or making your way through traffic. 

To add to this sentiment, I make no secret of my fondness for my family, nor for the time I enjoy with my granddaughter and frequently and unashamedly share this on social media. Accordingly, it is neither a great secret, that, I for one prefer utilising our online shop for my own groceries as my schedule (as you may imagine) is somewhat consuming, and the time it saves me is more meaningful than many may understand. 

Don’t get me wrong. I go to our physical stores and I keep close tabs on every aspect of the business daily, but when all is said-and-done, little Aileen and I get to do the things that create lifelong bonds, and online shop ping offers me the freedom to do just that. 

I implore you to try it for yourself and see what I’m  speaking of, as we’ve embarked on a massive project to ensure that this experience is nothing but satisfying for you!

Take care as we head into the changing season Malta and enjoy the great offers we have carefully compiled for you this month!

daves Cares about you!